Public Display (Devilish Intentions Chapter 2 snippet)

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Jones lead the sexy redhead into a playroom. The space was decorated with overstuffed L-shaped beds that looked like giant couches. The bedding was white with red accent pillows of all shapes and sizes strategically placed throughout the area. The beds surrounded a small elevated platform with a pole in the middle that could be used as a stage. There were sex toys, goodies, and condoms placed in bowls spread all around the room for the guest’s convenience.
Jones sat making himself comfortable on one of the beds as the redhead sauntered to the middle of the floor. Her lean body swaying to the beat of the music as she seduced Jones with her movements. The silver crystals of her beaded dress emphasized her lithe frame as it shimmered under the glow of the lighting in the room.
The silver and red mask covered her face, but her pouty lips were on full display. She licked her lips her bright baby blue eyes shimmering with lust as she made eye contact with the bright hazel eyes of her companion. The redhead twirled around the pole with flare as she slipped her sparkling dress from her body. Her motions were fluid as she stepped out of the garment leaving it lying on the floor. She continued to move to the beat as she began to grind her nude body against the pole putting everyone watching in a lustful trance.
Jones beckoned his playmate with a curve of his finger. Words, like names, didn’t need to be exchanged. The woman seductively sashayed her way over to Jones her pink nipples standing tight in anticipation of being touched by the handsome stranger wearing a simple black mask. Her thighs slick with her own desire. She dropped slowly to her knees in front of her partner, unzipping his tailored black tuxedo pants, and gripping his large hard dick in her small hands.
Jones guided the woman's head down over his cock, wrapping his large hands around a piece of her long red hair. Her warm wet mouth encompassing his red hot steel made him moan in ecstasy. Jones began a slow rhythm pumping in and out; his rod sliding against the woman’s pouty lips. She went all the way down on his giant dick relaxing her throat until she felt him pulse and harden. He began to push deeper feeling the vibrations of her sensual moans. The woman massaged his balls with one hand, and the other hand moved up and down his cock. Jones’ head fell back against a pillow he gripped her hair tighter as she licked the head of his penis. She flicked her tongue over and over at the sensitive vein that ran along his shaft.
Onlookers gravitated towards the sexy show. Some simply sipping champagne and watching, others gathered together touching and caressing one another as the heat radiated throughout the room. Jones felt his orgasm building as the echoing chorus of moans shrouded around he and his playmate. Jones loved to be watched, the part of his exhibitionist personality thrived on the attention, and completely turned him on.
Jones didn’t want to come yet, so he pulled the woman off her knees, sat her in his lap, and began kissing and sucking her pert breasts. A leggy blond slowly approached them. Her hair was cut in a sophisticated bob, and the top part of her face was completely covered by a black lace mask revealing only her mouth.
“May I join you?” She questioned in a low breathy tone.
It was customary to ask permission if you wanted to join an ongoing party. Everything was consensual, and about comfort and pleasure. If you declined an offer; the person simply went and joined somewhere else.
Jones nodded. The blonde was attractive from what he could see of her face, her eyes were covered but her delicate jawline and pouty mouth were enough to spark his interest. She had a killer body. Her legs went on for days, she had a nice firm ass, and plump round breasts. The blonde kissed down Jones’ throat licking and teasing his flesh. She pulled his head back by his thick auburn locks, and tried to kiss his succulent lips, but he turned his head.
Jones looked into the bold blonde’s face. “Those kisses you earn sweetheart.”

Written by Kasey Martin
Выгружено June 22, 2020
Notes Devilish Intentions by Kasey Martin
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